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“Keynote: Social Humans and Documenting the Now”, Swedish Society of Archives and Records Management Conference, Stockholm, Oct 21-22, 2019

“Keynote: Designing the Archival Experience of Digital Self and Society”, Personal Digital Archiving Conference, May 2, 2019

“The Ethics of Born-Digital Collecting”, BitCurator Consortium, March 22, 2019

“Social Humans Labels for Ethical Reuse of Social Media”, Documenting Social Media Datasets #4, Oct 2018

“What is Social Humans?”, Harvard Library Innovation Lab Summer Summit, Aug 2018

“Archiving At Risk (And Risky) Information: You Don’t Know What You’re Missing ’til it’s Gone (or Misused)”, RightsCon Toronto, May 2018

“Ethics in Web Archiving: A Design Workshop”, Ethics & Archiving the Web @ the New Museum 2018

“Documenting Communities and Movements in Real Time”, MARAC Communities, Collaboration, and the Archives Conference 2018

“Introducing the DocNow Application for Social Media Appraisal”, Digital Blackness in the Archive: A Documenting the Now Symposium 2017

“Ethics of Social Media Collection and Use” Panel, Documenting the Now Advisory Board Meeting 2016

“Collaborative Teamwork in Information Technology” Panel, UC Cyber Infrastructure Summit 2016

“Beyond Browse Items, Browse Collections, Map: Customizing Omeka for Your Audience”, Open Source Technologies Conference, Amigos Library Council 2015

“Visualizing Collections: A Study of Available Tools” Poster, Society of American Archivists Research Forum 2014

“Innovative Internships” Panel, Metropolitan Library Council Annual Conference 2014

“Processing Congressman Ben Rosenthal’s Papers” Poster, New York Archives Conference 2014

“Creating an Ethical Digital Presence for Zines” Poster, Society of American Archivists Annual Conference 2013

“Occupy Archives” Panel, Society of American Archivists Annual Conference 2013




“Archiving in Times of Crisis” University of Maryland, May 2021

“Social Media Archiving for Activists” Texas After Violence, August 2019

“Workshop on Documenting the Now”, Qualitative Approaches to Data at Grinnell College, June 12-13, 2019

“Communities Documenting Community” Southern California Library for Social Justice, March 2019

“Mapping Maritime Heritage: Introduction to Archival Datasets, Rectifying Historical Maps, and Geo-referencing” SUNY Maritime 2017

“Ethical, Community-Oriented Social Media Archiving” Queens College LIBSCI 732 (Shapes of Material History) 2017, 2016

“Raspberry Pi: Using Technology in Thesis Projects” workshop, University of California, Riverside HNPG 195H (University Honors Program) 2016

“Entering the Profession: Panels, Presentations, and Funding Opportunities” Queens College LBSCI 732 (Shapes of Material History) 2015

“21st Century Archiving” Queens College LBSCI 730 (Archival Arrangement And Description) 2014

“Introduction to Archival Research” Queens College HIST278 (1960s America) 2014

“Hands-On Arrangement and Description” 10 hour practicum workshop, Queens College LBSCI 730 (Archival Arrangement And Description)  Fall 2012 – Spring 2014 

“Alumni in the Archives” Queens College Alumni Association Benefit, 2013

“Visuality and Materiality in the Archive and it’s Art Applications” Queens College ARTS 243 (Color and Design II) 2013

“Digital Memory in Archives” week-long lecture series, Renmin University, Beijing Information School 2013

“Research in Civil Rights Archives: Materials and Perspectives” Queens College HIST278 (1960s America) 2013

 “Introduction to Archival Research” Queens College ARTS243 (Color and Design II) 2013




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Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

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“75th Anniversary of Queens College” Benjamin Rosenthal Library Rotunda, 2013-2014

“50 Years Ago Today: Civil Rights at Queens College” Charles Tanenbaum Wing, Benjamin Rosenthal Library 2013




Community/Capacity Award (given to Documenting the Now), Digital Library Federation, 2018

Exemplary Service Award (given to Documenting the Now), Society of American Archivists, 2018

Summer Fellowship Award, Harvard Library Innovation Lab, 2018

David Cohen Award for Commitment to Serving Multicultural Communities, Queens College, 2014

Development Grant Award, New York Archives Conference, 2014

Innovative Internship Scholarship Award, Metropolitan Library Council, 2013




“ACM Digital Library”, Advisory Board Member, Association of Computing Machinery 2019

“National Forum of Web Privacy and Web Analytics”, Invited Participant, Montana State University 2018

“Digital Asset Management Systems: Deconstructing the Silos” UCR Lead Participant, California Digital Library and University of California System 2015-2016

“Envisioning Next Generation Digital Environments” Panel Host, “The Digital Library” 2-Day Event Host, HistoryPin and UCR Library, 2016

“Freedom Summer” Credited Research Assistant, “Civil Rights Web Shorts” Artifact Coordinator, Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Firelight Media, 2014

“Archives Week at Queens College” Host, Archivists Roundtable of NYC and Queens College, 2013