Design for social good, archives for the marginalized, art for exploration.

Digital Archives Consulting

I specialize in creating meaningful access to digital archives (both digitized formats and born-digital), including digital asset management, data visualization and digital humanities approaches to materials. My primary goal is to increase the presence of marginalized groups under-represented in the historical record.

User Experience Design & Web Development

Following trends and best practices across the field, I build websites that embody the principles of user experience design. My process includes conducting interviews, creating personas, site maps, wireframes, and design prototypes, front-end development in HTML, CSS, and JS, A/B testing, surveying, and iterative development.

Research Interests

My research interests include how the design of information affects its consumption and comprehension, user experience design for social good, historical erasures of marginalized groups, ethical digital preservation of web-based materials, and the ability of artificial intelligence to surface connections and contexts for digital objects.